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I’m joining in the Teddy Bear FUN to help Stollery kids from my backyard!

I'm participating in the Teddy Bear Fun Fest from May 1-7, a full week of FUN in support of Stollery kids that I can do from the comfort of my own backyard.

I'll be completing fun, family-friendly activities at my leisure throughout the week - and I pledge to complete as many surprise challenges as I can so my fundraising can go even further thanks to some generous sponsors!

The Stollery is a cause that's near and dear to my heart. With your support, we'll help kids from backyards across central and northern Alberta access some of the best physical and mental health care anywhere in the world – and have a ton of fun while we're doing it!

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Tuesday 3rd May
Hi, my name is Jaxson, AKA SPIDERMAN!
My stollery adventure started when I was 8 months old, I am 4 years old now. I have a wonderful team in the Severe Asthma Clinic of the Stollery hospital that keep me healthy and shooting webs! But when I was  a baby, I kept getting sick. I would cough so much, I was so stuffy Mommy would sleep sitting up with me on her chest. 

One day Daddy took me to see Mommy at work because he knew something was wrong. Mommy was very worried right away and couldn't get ahold of my doctor. She put me in her car and brought me to the Stollery Hospital. By the time we got there I was turning blue. 

The nurse had Mommy bring me to a room that had all sorts of people there. They were so nice to me, except when they put tubes in my nose and poked my hands. I was transferred to the PICU because I worked so hard to breathe. Because of this I wasn't allowed to eat or drink from a bottle. I was in put in a medical induced coma for a few days so my body and lungs could rest. I remember hearing lots of lullaby music. 

My nurses took such good care of me, always making sure I was comfortable and happy. 7 days after being admitted I was starting to recover and woke up. The doctors weaned me off high flow oxygen, the next night I was transferred to the floors to be watched, still on oxygen but at least I could eat!

A few days later I was discharged. But I was back in two weeks later. I spent the next 1.5 years in and out the Stollery every other week for at least a week. I had many tests and a surgery that helped clean out my lungs. I really liked my doctor and nurses! One time my big brother stayed, we got to share a room!
I continue to get regular care from my amazing Respirology team. My respirologist calls every few months and I go down to visit and show her how strong I am! They give me cool stickers and toys! The Stollery hospital even helped me find my pediatrician who I love so much because she helps me stay healthy! 
Mommy and Daddy tell me how lucky we are to have this amazing facility. I agree, it feels good to breathe and run with my friends!

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