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I’m joining in the Teddy Bear FUN to help Stollery kids from my backyard!

I'm participating in the Teddy Bear Fun Fest from May 1-7, a full week of FUN in support of Stollery kids that I can do from the comfort of my own backyard.

I'll be completing fun, family-friendly activities at my leisure throughout the week - and I pledge to complete as many surprise challenges as I can so my fundraising can go even further thanks to some generous sponsors!

The Stollery is a cause that's near and dear to my heart. With your support, we'll help kids from backyards across central and northern Alberta access some of the best physical and mental health care anywhere in the world – and have a ton of fun while we're doing it!

Want to help?

You can help me reach my fundraising goal by making a donation today. Your donation will support Stollery kids and help fund the best people, programs, research, and much-needed specialized equipment at the Stollery Children's Hospital.

Join in on the fun!

The more the merrier - show your Stollery support and register today! Thanks so much for your support!

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Toonie Toss!

Tuesday 3rd May
The grades 7-12 students participated in a Toonie Toss!  They raised $56 towards the Teddy Bear Fun Fest!  The winner won a prize basket from donated items!

Blown Away!

Saturday 30th Apr
I am in awe and thankful for all of the donations!  The grade 1's will be amazed when they see the new total on Tuesday.  They have some challenge activities to do at home on Sunday and Monday.  On Tuesday we have a lot planned.  I will keep everyone updated.  Have an amazing weekend!

Goal #2 Blasted Out of the Water!

Friday 29th Apr
Thank you!!!!!! Day 1 and we are rockstars!

Wow! Thank you!!

Friday 29th Apr
Our first goal has been met!!!! Thank you everyone for your support.  We have increased our goal to $500.  This is very exciting!

Thanks to my supporters



What an incredible way for your class to learn about Lent.


Lil Fella Trucking Ltd.




Elizabeth Eastman


Bennett Fentie

What a beautiful idea for a fundraiser. The money that you will raise will benefit so many children.


Amber Wild

$50 donation from Deekan Wild(gr 5) $50 donation from Jaleesa Wild(gr 6)


Betty Mullink


Jackson Honing


Debbie Mergaert

Donation for a Jackson Honing (Grade1)


Gwendolyn Becker

Wonderful cause! Proud of your generosity STM Grade 1 students.


Jessica Kramer

Grade 4 Alexa Kramer


Krista Luken


Terry Gans




Dave Fentie


Amelia Przybylski