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I’m joining in the Teddy Bear FUN to help Stollery kids

As many of you already know, Avery had a very serious fall 3.5 years ago. She fell approximately 8 feet into concrete on her face. We have been wanting to sign up for a run together, and we decided this would be the perfect run to do together. 

I'm participating in the Teddy Bear Fun Fest from May 1-7, a full week of FUN in support of Stollery kids that I can do from the comfort of my own backyard.

I'll be completing fun, family-friendly activities at my leisure throughout the week - and I pledge to complete as many surprise challenges as I can so my fundraising can go even further thanks to some generous sponsors!

The Stollery is a cause that's near and dear to my heart. With your support, we'll help kids from backyards across central and northern Alberta access some of the best physical and mental health care anywhere in the world – and have a ton of fun while we're doing it!

Want to help?

You can help me reach my fundraising goal by making a donation today. Your donation will support Stollery kids and help fund the best people, programs, research, and much-needed specialized equipment at the Stollery Children's Hospital.

Join in on the fun!

The more the merrier - show your Stollery support and register today! Thanks so much for your support!

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Leaving the hospital

Thursday 14th Apr
After a week of big ups and downs of getting better and getting worse, she was finally cleared to go home. She had CSF leaking out of her nose, which made her be on complete bed rest for a few days.

1st stollery picture

Thursday 14th Apr
We were waiting to find out how bad her injuries were in this picture. It was an excruciating night not knowing if she would ever walk again or worse. She ended up with a broken skull, concussion, broken nose, and shattered sinuses.

Thanks to my supporters



Avery, you are such an amazing person! I hope your drive to help others and your love of life takes you so far!


Stef & Jeff

How strong you all are to have gone through this. Thank goodness for the Stollery!



Avery Bravery! <3


The Refvik’s

Have so much fun!


Lacey Zoetekouw


Deunne Jacobsen


Chantal Menard

We love you guys! So grateful Avery is 100%.


Linsey Chute





Have fun!


Wendy Zenchyson


Leanne Bownes

Good Luck on your run. You are going to do amazing!


Arlie Bouchard

So proud of you Avery! I hope you have a blast with your mom and I want to thank you for raising so much for a great cause!


Heather Lentz


Jenn Querin

Go Avery!


Marianne Simpson





Taliah Tom

Hi,this is Taliah Tom and the reason I wanted to donate is because a few years ago my best friend had to go to the hospital she's very important to me and I am SO thankful for people helping her.


Miss Angie